Pure Sea Saffron 1 g

Pure Sea Saffron 1 g


Pure Sea Saffron jar containing 1 gram of spice.

A free 1 gram pack of dried saffron flowers until December 15th 2019!

  • How to use saffron

    It is advisable to leave the saffron pistils in infusion (just 0.06 for 2 people) in half a glass of hot water for at least 1 hour, taking care to cover the glass to preserve the aroma;

    Use the water obtained from the cooking infusion.

    Another quicker way to use saffron in the kitchen is to wrap the desired amount in a square of baking paper, toast it and use a pestle to pulverize it; in this way saffron is ready to be added (even at the last moment) in your dishes.

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