Saffron and the sea...

Two passions in a single dream.

Veduta del mare
Fiori di Zafferano di Mare

Our dream is to create an environmentally sustainable organic product of the highest quality through traditional methods and natural synergies



Zafferano in pistilli
Fiori di zafferano essiccati
Mondatura dello Zafferano di Mare
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Primi fiori zafferano 2019
Raccolta dell zafferano 2019
  • Our saffron is a 1st CATEGORY certificate according to the international standard ISO / TS 3632-1: 2011 


  • The proximity to the sea makes the taste and intensity of our saffron unique


  • NO use of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides etc.) 


  • Land processing done entirely by hand in the traditional manner 


  • Besides the manual cleaning of the flowers one by one, each pistil is individually cleaned of the yellow part to ensure only the purest quality 


  • The only fertilizer used is a part of the flowers given back to the earth 


  • Natural and synergistic balance between saffron, the neighboring oaks that contribute to the mulching of the furrows with the fall of the leaves, the adjacent orchard that brings birds over the ground and predatory animals that distance the small rodents


  • Harvesting always begins at least half an hour before the sun rises to allow the flowers to remain closed, ensuring minimum contamination and maximum quality 


  • Our materials are completely recyclable and the cardboard used for packaging is made up of 90% recycled paper

  • Saffron and flowers are ALWAYS dried just a few hours after harvesting so as not to release their properties 

Semina dello zafferano 2019
Prime gemme di Zafferano di Mare
Raccolta all'alba